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plane crash survivors come full circle, their return to the tarmac. >> and acquisitions involving a bay area baseball player in hot water. it is wednesday, july 10th, hello, everyone, i'm heather holmes in for gasia. >> an amber alert is in effect after the disappearance of a toddler. we've got paul chambers live in oakland with an update on the search of that little girl. it's been about five hours since the child went missing.
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>> they're going to release a photo of daphne's father to see if anyone has seen them together in the last 30 days. >> it is possible the child was not in the car, the child was taken. >> we're reaching out to the community because we don't know. >> her father entered this market on the corner of 79th and international boulevard. >> a witnesses is daphne's grandmother. >> the woman is disabled, however when the father came out of the store, daphne was missing. >> i happened to see the car seat and it was missing so my heartfelt for him immediately because it was empty. his mom was sitting there kind of distraught.
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>> officers have continued to search for little daphne. police do not believe the suspect had any relation to the girl. >> the suspect is described as a female is an african-american, 30 to 40 years old and could possibly be a hispanic. >> she was last seen walking away with a child that could be daphne. >> police say she was wearing a two-piece pajama set with pink hearts on it. >> you can see there are several officers out here working very hard to find this young little girl. >> once again, police plan to release the photo of the father within the next 20 to 30 minutes. >> when we have that picture, we'll put it on the web site, also tweet it out and we'll have it at the 10:00 news. >> they want to know when the last time daphne and the father
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were seen together. >> channel 2 news. now to the continuing crash of asiana flight 214. >> a bus load of passengers from the flight got a police escort from the hotel out to runway 2-8 left. >> the crowd stayed there for almost 30 minutes. >> the families of the two girls killed were also there. they held a short memorial before being escorted back to their hotel. >> we received several 911 recordings just after the crash. >> there are a bunch of people who need help and there's not enough medics. >> there is a woman out here on the street, on the runway, who is pretty much burned very severely on the head and we don't know what to do. >> were out plane, ma'am? >> yes, i was on the plane. >> we've been on the ground.
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>> there are people laying on the tarmac with critical injuries. we're trying to keep her alive. >> these and other cars were received by the san mateo office of the chp. >> you can find the link under the hot topics of the web site. the ntsb offered new information obtained from flight 2nd interviews about a 90 2nd delay on the final approach to sfo. >> in the for a moments before the crash, the pilot behind the stick told ntsb investigators he saw something, a bright light at around 500 feet. >> we need to understand what that is, identify if there are any sources of light. >> ntsb chair woman says the pilot described the light as a temporary issue, the focus of the investigation is on why the plane was flying too low and too slow on approach. >> the pilots say an auto
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throttle did not maintain a safe speed. it's the pilot's job to fly the plane, much like cruise control on the car. >> if the cruise control allows the speed to increase to 65, 70, 75, the driver needs to intervened. >> six flight crew remain hospital lies. >> and the flight crew ordered the flight attendants to not issue an evacuation. >> one of the flight attendants noticed a fire burning from the right side engine. a flight attendant ordered the evacuation but the crew stayed behind to fight the fire has it encoached into-- encroached into
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the cabin. >> it could release that runway back to sfo, which would allow the airport to clean up and make repairs to that runway. >> in south san francisco, ktvu channel 2 news, ken pritchett. >> on the top, you can see video of the asiana plane approach and crash landing from saturday. >> the bottom half is video of a flight that landed today. >> you can see how much higher today's plane is flying. >> the jet hits the sea wall as it lands while today's plane touches down about the same place on the runway where the wreckage sits. three flight attendants were ejected, not two, as originally reported. >> six of the crew members appeared before the media today. >> one of the crew members was
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in a wheelchair to meet a sea of reporters at sfo this afternoon. >> the cabin manager didn't make a statement, which was then translated. >> i hope for all the family who is have suffered losses from this accident to recover as quickly as possible and they are all in my prayers. >> the moment became too emotional and they said they would not be making any more statements. >> the ntsb said six other crew members are in the hospital and investigators have not had a chance to interview them. >> a total of eight people on board flight 214 are still in the hospital. >> we've seen some of the victim's family members. nine other patients are hospitalized at several other bay area medical facilities. many travelers arriving at sfo this week are being greeted by the shell of that burned out
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airplane. >> in our next segment, the perspective its providing for passengers. in the richmond gang high rape, two jurors are going to decide the guilt or innocence of the criminals. >> they are accused of the rape and beating of a 16-year-old girl outside a home coming dance four years ago. >> the jurors are expected to begin deliberating next week. and san francisco giants chad lodan is facing charges from an arrest in las vegas, in january at a hospital, according to plots, godan appeared trunk and groped a 23-year-old woman and continued to touch her even after being told to stop and had to be held down by hospital security until police arrived.
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>> he was under a minor league contract with the giants at the time. two teenage girls are facing charges of the assault and robbery of a woman on a muni train. >> investigators say a tip generated by this video led to the identification of the 13 and 14-year-old suspects. >> investigators say the teens punched the victim and grabbed her purse. >> the woman tried to hold on but couldn't. tonight, a 25-year-old man accused of a deadly stabbing in a san jose homeless shelter is in jail. san jose place matthew jacobs established someone with a mental illness. police are investigating. ground was broken in san jose on a huge, brand-new
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building for samsung, the technology giant. >> 1, 2, 3. samsung executives, state and city leaders, including mayor chuck reed, dug their shovels in the dirt. >> the facility will be at north first street and tanson drive. >> it says they plan to hire more than 1,000 people for this new research facility. >> we'll be using this as another jumping off point, you're going to see dramatic job growth in the bay area. a demolition project is underway in castro valley on a building that has been important to the health of many people. >> the nation's tallest
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ex-vator is taking down the 58-year-old building, about 80,000 babies were born there over the nearly six decades it was open. >> a new hospital opens next december right next door. is the new bay bridge span on track or on hold? the new twist tonight that has some wondering if it will open on time, after all. and a make or break moment for george zimmerman, as his murder trial nears its conclusion. and in weather, right now we have some fog in the coast, some showers to the south. >> coming up, i'll let you know of the shower threat and the highlights for the weekend. [ glenn stonebarger ] we are a family farm.
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you play? yeah discover a mobile app that lets you bank more freely... and feel at home more quickly. chase. so you can. . about 25 bart union workers
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rallied outside the san francisco office today. they're angry when the president came out and met with the workers and explained the pay hike was meant for incentive bonuses. they're scheduled to resume contract talks on friday. the bay bridge will not be open for months, and now just two days later, we report an engineer says he has a much quicker fix. >> it is my pleasure to call to order. >> at today's meeting of the bay area toll authority, members were given briefings on why the bridge will open in december, or even later, pending the reare placement of the steal bolts. >> he says is his much faster solution. >> this is a very simple
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structural operation. these shims have been done, the contractor tested the designs on them. >> the new idea says let's do something for road supports. >> let's take pleats of metal and stick them in here like shims or washers to stiffen everything up and hopefully that would resist an earthquake until the permanent fix can be made. >> we can achieve that seismic safety within a month's time and we don't have to wait 'til december. >> that left a lot of clearly surprised bridge officials scratching their heads. >> at the book he held up and talked about, as a design, that's the first i've heard of it. >> it does need to be looked at to see about its viability, but it would have to be subjected to the same review as the final fix was. >> fairly and accurately
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vetting the design will take a few weeks to this already embarrassing mess. a florida jury will not hear george zimmerman testify in his only defense in the shooting death of an unarmed teen. >> after consulting with counsel, not to testify, your honor. >> that announcement came by zimmerman after the defense rested. >> moments later, the judge refused the defense request to dismiss the case. >> the judge also made two other major rulings, that the defense cannot enter, as evidence, a computer animation, text of photos and marijuana and a handgun also not admissible. closing arguments are set to begin tomorrow. the surviving boston marathon bombing suspect arrived under tight security for his arraignment. >> sirens blared as a convey of
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vehicles escorted dzhokhar tsarnaev to not guilt. he was still bandaged from injuries in a shoot out. >> he's charged with 30 counts in the bombing that killed three people and wounded 260 others. a federal judge says cupertino's apple inspired the raise the prices of e books. >> they played a central roll in conspiring with fire publishers to fix the price of tablet books. >> the judge pointed to e-mails from apple cofounder steve jobs about keeping prices higher, by publishers involved -- five publishers involved. >> a trial to set damages is next. wall street was mixed in a rather quiet day of trade sgrth
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dow lost 18. >> nasdaq lost 18. a japanese airline is ramping up service out of san francisco airport with the 787 dreamliner. >> it started daily service between san jose's manetta airport. >> all seven787 flights were grounded for six months. now back to the crash of asiana flight 214. >> the wreckage still sits there. >> our mic meback tells us the reminder on the passengers touching down. >> seeing that doesn't make you feel that much better. >> the wreckage right there for all to see, it's a very bad sight. >> i feel bad for all the people who were on that plane.
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>> all day, the planes just kept manage. >> and the baggage claim passengers kept reacting. >> it was pretty amazing to see how that fuselage was burned up and to think only two people passed away is unusual. >> you don't really see that at an airport. >> it's a little bit disturbing in some levels. >> on final approach to 2-8 right, the passengers were right. >> i was looking at the passengers to see if they were looking, and people weren't. i mean, the pilot didn't say anything. why would he? >> the ntsb says the pilot of 214 was training on the boeing 777. >> the majority we spoke to said they would not like to know if the pilot was training. >> it might not be the best
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environment to fly for those passengers because they get really nervous. >> all the travelers we spoke to said their pilots did not mention the wreckage upon landing. >> a very quiet atmosphere right there on final approach at san francisco international, mic mibach, channel 2 news. we'll have complete coverage of the investigation, and also include more about those heroic efforts to say passengers. >> that show airs at 9:00 p.m. on ktvu channel 2. all right. a little bit cooler today, huh mark? >> what's it going to be like and. >> we've been going back and forth with temperatures. >> looks like we're going to cool off more in most spots as we head into thursday. >> tm range from the chilly 60s, sweater weather for pacifica and -- temperatures range from the chilly 60s, to
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sweater weather, and 90s out in fairfield, concord, and antioch. >> some rain showers to the south and east of the bay area. >> here's another look at the radar. >> you'll notice all this action is focused on the south of the region. >> we will continue to pick up just a few high clouds for tonight and into thursday morning. >> current temperatures are in the 50s in downtown san francisco, but some 70s in fairfield, concord, livermore 78, and san jose, last check reporting 71 degrees. >> we have been dealing with a very shallow marine layer. >> it is expanding, and as it does, it will transport that marine air inland. >> most spots inland will be in the mid-to upper 80s. >> a few neighborhoods could be in the 90s. >> the fog coast side, and around the way, we could have a few patches out toward concord and livermore. >> a change in the wind
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direction that transports moisture from the south, so we will have a few high clouds into tomorrow morning. >> we'll shave off a few degrees inland thursday, and mine are cooling by the weekend. >> we'll show you the fog tomorrow morning and the high clouds to the south, and the high clouds move by the afternoon hours but still patchy coastal fog for thursday afternoon. >> and as i mentioned tomorrow, most neighborhoods coming down a few degrees today. >> stenson beach, 63 degrees, warmest locations approaching the lower 90s out toward antioch and brent wood -- brentwood. >> san jose at 79, and san francisco 63 degrees. >> a look ahead, your five-day forecast with the weekend in view, warming continues into next week. people at risk for heart
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disease may soon have statins that make medication a thing of the past. today, the top billing at the white house, the top elite who joined him. look at 'em.
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arts today. >> president obama presented lucas and also praised him for his view of special effects in the star wars series. >> a palestinian teenager who lost part of his right leg during an attack in the middle east is now in the bay area for some much needed help. >> a 14-year-old boy lost his right leg when his home in gaza was shelled in 2007. >> he's here to get his 3rd prosthetic leg. >> oakland orthopedic is giving him a new one. the children's relief fun is paying for it. he's due on tuesday for a final fitting. one day there may be a cure
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for high cholesterol. the drug mimics system ins with people having low ldl. >> researchers have also yet to put the drug to a large scale test. thank you so much for making ktvu your station. we'll have more breaking news coming up later this evening. have a good night. at farmers we make you smarter about insurance,
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that gets delivered to safeway every single day. fresh from our farmers. this week, locally grown red lion nectarines are just 99 cents a pound. at safeway, ingredients for life. ♪ >> today on "tmz" -- >> justin bieber couldn't find the bathroom so he used a bucket in the kitchen of a new york city restaurant. >> his friends are cheering him on. >> they think this is a regular thing. >> he has to be drunk, right? >> i've been drunk a lot. >> ever peed in a corner or a trash can? >> no. >> you suck at being drunk. >> i got jay-z yesterday. >> congrats on the album. >> he's not a tall guy. >> he's bigger than you. >> no, i think i can take him.

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